Why the Weight Comes Back

We see it all the time. People work with a coach and dedicate their time and effort to losing weight, and then…they disappear. When it’s time to restore and stabilize the weight loss, clients leave their coach in the dust with the ambition to go-it-alone. But do you know what happens next? The weight comes back. GASP!

After coaching thousands of people, we’ve pinpointed some common tendencies among dieters that lead to weight-regain:

  • Mindset – If a dieter doesn’t address their deep-rooted habits while losing weight, the weight WILL come back. It’s easy to slide into an old mindset, which leads you back to old habits. And, eventually, this brings you back to your former body.
  • Loss of urgency – When getting close to reaching any weight-loss goal, losing weight no longer feels like an “emergency.” People get comfortable in their new skin and don’t recognize they’re slipping into old habits. This is why staying accountable and attending coaching appointments is so critical. A coach’s job is to guide you through the process, teaching you how to form healthy habits, shifting your mindset, and helping you to get back on track as needed.
  • Peer pressure – When you’ve lost weight, people start making comments about your appearance. “You look so good! When are you going to be done dieting, so we can grab a drink and go out to eat again?” Society tells us we have to participate with others when they make unhealthy choices to be a part of everything.  That is simply not true.  Moxifit coaches teach you how to participate socially while protecting your waistline and health goals.
  • Justification – When we skip lifestyle coaching appointments, we have no one helping us to see all the little things we can justify to ourselves.  In our mind, we think, “Oh, it’s only 2 lbs…(or 5 or 10).” We know how to fix it, but we never seem to implement the necessary actions. Your Moxifit coach has all the resources to help you refocus. Your continued relationship with your coach is the key to your continued success.
  • Lack of priority – Life gets crazy, but your health should ALWAYS be at the top of your list. When you get busy racing the kids to sporting events, working late, not sleeping, and going out to dinner regularly, remember that you have a coach who can help you refocus your priorities back to achieving your optimal performance daily. In all honesty, the toughest part of your weight-loss journey is not losing weight, it is learning that you have a personal advantage over others. You are a lucky one because you have a Moxifit coach! Your coach knows how to keep your head in the game, give you amazing lifestyle tools, and allow you to be the best you possible.

It’s unfortunate to watch individuals work hard to lose weight, only to throw in the towel early without fully transitioning and learning the tools to build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. A critical part of the weight-loss process is for us to recognize 80% of all dieters gain their weight back because they decide they no longer need any support. After being in a caloric deficit during weight-loss, your body responds best to a slow and steady increase in calories back to baseline, and a coach is a perfect person to walk you safely (and sanely) through this process. Lifestyle is where the real work begins!

“If being thin and healthy was easy, everyone would be thin and healthy. We fail when we don’t focus on changing our habits through new practices, hold ourselves accountable, or keep our support system in place.” – Susan Radway, Moxifit Body Fuel CEO