Why Adults Should Make Time for Play

As we grow older, it’s not uncommon to lose our sense of childlike whimsicality. Suddenly we have more important priorities – work, relationships, bills, and family. Do you ever yearn for the person you used to be before the stresses of life took a toll on your body and mind? This is totally natural, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of…but every action you take is a choice. Soooo, why not make the choice to have a little fun? Let’s talk about why you should reinsert fun back into your life, even with the crazy responsibilities of adulthood.

The word ‘fun’ may sound silly and unimportant, but it should be a priority in all your live due to the benefits it brings. Fun relieves stress and increases endorphins, a positive hormone released by the brain. This not only improves brain function, but it also  stimulates creativity, which keeps you feeling youthful and full of energy. When you experience fun, whether as a child or an adult, you change and activate parts of the brain in the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is an important part of the brain that is responsible for many of our cognitive abilities. It plays a crucial role in regulating emotions, making plans, and solving problems. The prefrontal cortex is also related to our self-control, so increasing fun and play would also benefit your journey to optimal health.

There are many types of fun and play one can engage in:

  1. Rough and tumble play – physical activities such as sports
  2. Ritual play – board games or activities with structure and a set of rules
  3. Imaginative play – creative activities such as reading, painting, acting, etc.
  4. Body play – yoga, pilates, barre, hiking, walking, etc.
  5. Object play – Legos, building blocks, and snowball fights 

There are infinite ways in which you can play and experience fun as an adult. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy doing. Playing and having fun should never feel like a chore or another thing on your to-do list.