Think Deeper!

Studies have shown that having a significant, value-based reason to lose weight increases success of weight loss efforts. This significant reason could serve as motivation, inspiration or guidance throughout your weight loss journey. The question is, how do we find our significant reason? And, even if we think we have a reason, how do we know we’ve expanded on it as much as possible to get to the root cause? In other words, have we thought deep enough?

When discovering our ultimate “why”, we have to look past vanity reasons like wanting to fit into a certain size or get to a certain weight. These are not good motivators because fitting into a clothing size isn’t going to keep you going when you’re feeling tempted to give up. You want to find a reason that links to an emotion you’ve felt that triggered you to want to lose weight. Finding this emotion is like peeling back the layers of an onion, you might start broad and slowly peel away until you’ve discovered your root cause. For example…

“I want to lose weight to be healthier.”


“I want to be healthier for my kids.”


“I want to be here for my kids long term and set a good example.”


“I feel sad and scared knowing my health might be the reason I don’t get to see my kids grow up and have families of their own.”


Each time you land on what you think is your ultimate “why”, ask yourself the question “why?”. See if you can expand on your reason even more until it is tied to an emotion you have felt about wanting to lose weight. This emotion will likely be tied to something you feel like is missing in your life currently and by bettering your health you will fill that gap. Discovering this reason will be your number one motivator when faced with challenges and obstacles along your weight loss journey. You will be able to reflect back on that emotion and know that that reason is more important than any unhealthy decision you encounter.