The Power of Self-Talk

Can we all agree that life’s more enjoyable when surrounded by positive, encouraging, at least somewhat-practical people? Of course! It’s really hard to stay upbeat when someone is always being mean to you or setting unrealistic expectations. So, the solution is simple, right? Surround yourself with awesome people, and life will be swell! 

Of course, it’s more complicated than that. Life always is. Let’s dig a little deeper. 

Who do you spend the most time with in your life…YOU. You’re with yourself 24/7/365, and if your head is full of negativity, self-doubt, and low self-esteem, every day is going to be a struggle. You supply your mind with affirmations all day long, and while some of the things you tell yourself are complimentary (at least we hope so), there’s probably a fair bit of negativity in there too. Ever caught yourself saying, “I’m an idiot,” or, “That was stupid. Why’d I do that?” Friend, you are not idiotic or stupid. You’re human, and humans make mistakes! 

So, how do you change the conversation in your head when your mind is flooded with negative thoughts? Here are a few ideas:

  • Put it into perspective. Take that negativity, and set it aside for a moment. Remove it from your head, and look at it from another angle. If someone you love came to you with the same yucky thoughts, what would you tell them? Give yourself a dose of honest advice, and resist the urge to combat it with excuses. 
  • Post reminders where you’ll see them. Ever heard of affirmation cards? We love them! Stick these little pick-me-ups to your bathroom mirror, on your steering wheel, or on the back of your cell phone. 
  • Be aware. When negative thoughts creep in, learn to recognize them. When you notice one festering, put a hard stop to it right away by reframing the situation in your mind. Give yourself a little more grace and wiggle room so you can grow.

Don’t get us wrong. Acknowledging and accepting the consequences of your actions, whether they are positive or negative, plays a major role in your maturity and emotional health. The trick is to reflect with an open-mind, fair expectations, and a desire to make positive changes for the future.  Self-reflection is one of the most valuable tools for personal growth. 

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