The Power of Positivity

Be positive! Be happy! It’s easy, right? Not always… 

Being positive is especially hard when you’re making tough lifestyle changes, even though you know it’s the right thing to do. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – getting down on yourself and pointing out the imperfections you find. Being positive does not mean being perfect. Being positive, in any situation, means looking at the imperfections, acknowledging and accepting them, and maintaining an optimistic attitude. Appreciate the moments that life has to offer; understand that we grow when we’re challenged, and don’t let the little things bring you down. Every setback is a lesson leading you toward your goals. It’s your responsibility to find the joy in everything you do and let that joy propel you forward in the direction of your goals. It’s important you don’t compare or judge your experiences with those around you. Instead, focus on lifting yourself up, as well as the people you surround yourself with. This isn’t easy or instantaneous, but it is worth it. Science shows us that having a positive attitude contributes to personal happiness and success. 

Try the following six tips to create a positivity practice in your daily life: 

  1. Recite three things you’re thankful for daily, out loud – perhaps on your drive to work or while out running errands.
  2. Instead of looking at things you have to do, think of how lucky you are that you get to do them – others might not be so lucky!
  3. Use each disappointment or setback as a learning experience. Don’t dwell on what could have been or why. Find the lesson and improve from the situation.
  4. Learn to appreciate you. Speak about yourself with kindness and love, avoiding negative words.
  5. Find a way to make someone else smile. Doing a kind act will warm your heart.
  6. Don’t take on other people’s feelings or complaints. Recognize that this is not your issue, and you are not the one to solve the problem, they are. You’ll begin to notice the less you validate someone’s complaint, the less they will complain to you. 

Keep in mind that all changes begin and end with you. If you want to get the most enjoyment out of life, seek experiences that bring you joy and happiness. Choose yourself, always. Choose perseverance, daily. Choose positivity, forever.