Take The Focus Off The Food

Let’s set the scene. It’s fall – the season of pumpkin spice everything. You’ve got all the holidays staring you in the face. Halloween. CANDY. Thanksgiving. POTATOES AND PIE. The entire month of December. EGGNOG, FINGER FOODS, AND CHOCOLATE SANTAS. Before you know it, three months are gone in the blink of an eye and you’re not feeling like your best self. (Thanks a lot peer pressure and societal expectations to over-indulge.) Ugh.

But let’s take a few steps back. What else is fall about? Family. Football. Fresh air. Fun with friends. The list goes on and on! 

While we love a good tailgate or family gathering, we’re here to argue that those good times can keep rolling even when we take the focus OFF the food. Here are our top three ways to put the spotlight back where it belongs:

  1. Find your people. If you’re surrounded by people who love and care about you, they’re going to support your decision to live a healthy life. The people who truly want to see you happy are not going to pressure, push, or pry when it comes to your choices to partake or refrain from over-the-top sippers and sweets. They’ll support your choices, and still want to spend time with you because they like YOU – not your eating habits. 
  2. Find your purpose. If you want to attend a party because you can’t wait to let loose with your pals, go for it! But while you’re there, remember the people are why you came, not the free food. Reflect on your “why” often, and make sure that how you’re choosing to spend your time serves your greater goals.
  3. Find your positive voice. Speak affirmations to yourself on the regular that build a sense of inner strength and confidence so you can stand up for the choices you’ve made for yourself. Remind yourself daily – multiple times a day in fact – that you’re worth the hard work you’re putting into living a healthy life.

Here’s the harsh reality…if the people at your get-together don’t bring you joy, you’re probably investing time in the wrong crowd or activities. Your time is precious, and you should be STOKED to hit up these gatherings because of the people there, not just for food and free booze. If you’re ready to put the work in to identify what TRULY makes you happy and healthy, connect with a Moxifit clinic and coach today!