Stop Shrinking to Make Others Feel Big

Hey, you. Yeah, you. YOU’RE IMPORTANT. And just because you’re important, that doesn’t mean anybody else is LESS important. We can ALL be important – you see what we’re getting at here?

Too often, we live life in black and white, only seeing one solution or opportunity. But guess what? Life is full of gray space, and we’re all swimming around in it together. You don’t have to be small so that other people in your life can feel big. By shrinking yourself down and minimizing your own value, you’re keeping yourself from living out your best life. Here are three tips to help you live large so you can achieve optimal health and happiness. 

  • Steer clear of toxic people. They are everywhere, and they will suck the energy out of you faster than a speeding ticket. While it’s inevitable that you’ll cross paths with these boo-hooers, the way you react to them is totally in your control. Letting someone else’s toxic thoughts sit in your head rent-free only does you harm. Instead, build up your mental stamina by incorporating mental exercises into your wellness routine, and if it’s possible to dodge these toxic people completely, do it. If maintaining a relationship with your former pal from high school or your self-righteous sister-in-law no longer serves you, cut the ties. 
  • Find opportunities to be a learner AND a leader. We’re big advocates for lifelong learning, and ongoing education via classes, seminars, books or networking should absolutely be a part of your adult life. While it’s important to make time for learning, it’s also important to make time to flex your leadership muscles. Find a topic that you are an expert in. If you’re saying to yourself, “But I’m not an expert in anything!” we don’t believe you. Everyone has a skill, and your gift should be shared with others. Do you make the best paper airplanes? Volunteer to hold a session at a youth camp. Are your knock-knock jokes legendary? Go spend some time at the senior center and put a few smiles on some faces! Whatever it is, identify your strength and seek out an opportunity to showcase it. This will help you get more comfortable being in the spotlight, even if it’s for something you are less confident doing.
  • Literally take up space. Stand if you are able and extend your arms and legs in a wide stance. Fill your chest with a big breath of air, and lift your chin to the sky. Drop your arms and come back to a comfortable standing position, but don’t let go of that excellent posture and “bigness.” How you see yourself impacts how you present yourself to others, thus influencing their demeanor toward you.

The bottom line is that you are one-in-a-million and every strength (and flaw) should be celebrated. Connect with a Moxifit clinic to get paired with a Moxifit Coach today who can help you identify the areas in which you excel and aid you in the areas you want to grow!