Stay The Course

Have you ever been guilty of convincing yourself that your goals aren’t that important to you? Or that how far you’ve come is good enough? We’ve all been in this situation a time or two and it has nothing to do with your goals themselves but rather the time it takes and the environment we’re in. Typically when we enter into a weight loss journey, there have been several compounding issues that have led you to the decision to change your lifestyle. You set a goal, whether it be a weight, a size, a feeling, etc., and you have the most motivation you’ve ever had to achieve it. Time goes by and you lose some weight and you begin feeling better about yourself which is the exact moment you start thinking, “A bite of cake won’t hurt” or “Some bread at dinner isn’t the worst thing”. Your progress starts to slow and you think, “Is this even worth it anymore”. The answer? YES! All you need to do is check in with your goals and find your motivation again to stay the course and finish what you started. Here are some ways to do it…

  • Make a List of Your Goals: Write them down and visualize yourself achieving them. Try your best to write down your feelings and emotions surrounding the goals. Now take that list and put it somewhere you will see every day.
  • Stick to a Schedule: Having a schedule and a plan is the easiest way to set yourself up for success. Knowing what potential obstacles you may face in the near future make them way easier to plan for. Plan ahead for your meals and your workouts to make sure you never skip a beat!
  • Find a Success Buddy: Find a friend or family member who wants to celebrate your success just as much as you do. Having someone you can share your “little wins” with makes it so much more motivating to keep working hard. 
  • Seek Out Inspiration: Sometimes our lack of motivation stems from a lack of inspiration. Finding something new and exciting to inspire you to keep going can make all the difference in the world. Whether it’s a new cooking gadget, a pair of pants you want to fit into, or getting to the next loop on your belt, finding little milestones can make the journey so much more fun!
  • Be Open About Your Struggles: The best person to consult when you feel your motivation lacking is your Moxifit Coach. They have endless tools to help motivate you, inspire you, educate you, and hold you accountable. Explaining to them how you’re feeling is the first step to getting back on track!

Remember, anything worth doing is going to have its challenges and bumps in the road. Success is never a straight line. That being said, you can do this! It just requires some hard work, determination, and enjoyment along the way! Celebrate each and every win and know that if you continue working hard, the end result is sure to come.