Start Smart In The New Year

You seem like a pretty smart cookie. You are reading this blog, after all…So, what’s keeping you from accomplishing the badass goals you set for yourself every year? 

Are they too grandiose? Too vague? Too expensive? Whatever the reason has been in the past, we’ve got a solution for you now!

Let’s break down how to make your goals SMARTER so you can have your most successful year yet. A SMART goal should be: 

  • Specific: Every goal you set should include some essential details so you can hold yourself accountable. For example, making a resolution to work out in the new year is great, but that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Trust us, your brain will try to find any loophole it can to avoid a challenge, so be firm with yourself from day one.
  • Measurable: Determine what success looks like for you. Would you be happy if you attended the gym once a week, or is it going to take 3-4 visits each week to help you meet your bigger wellness goals? Having a way to measure your progress, whether it’s in pounds lost, sweat sessions attended, or your daily intake of water will help you stay motivated as you watch the needle move closer to your end goal.
  • Attainable: Take time to reflect on what you feel you can give to your goal right now. If your life is CRAZY right now, it might not be the time to throw yourself a total curveball that will just stress you out more. Look at your daily habits, review your schedule and current obligations, and then prioritize what you’d like to accomplish. Biting off more than you can chew is only going to make you want to pull your hair out!
  • Relevant: Choose a goal with an outcome you desire, not just something you think you should do. Just because your bestie wants to have a six-pack by spring break doesn’t mean that’s what you should aspire to. Consider different types of wellness goals like improving self-esteem, increasing your energy, losing inches, or gaining muscle. Choose the goal that makes sense for you right now.
  • Time-based: If you have a long-term goal, be sure to build in benchmarks along your journey. This allows you the ability to reevaluate the total time needed based on your progress and any unforeseen circumstances that may have come up. If it becomes obvious that you’re going to crush your goal well before your self-imposed deadline, give yourself a stretch goal to keep you motivated!

If you’re looking for support in identifying or accomplishing your wellness goals, connect with a Moxifit clinic today. Our Moxifit Coaches are equipped with tools and resources to support you through your weight-loss journey from start to finish. Connect with a clinic to get paired with a Moxifit Coach today!