Start Small to Finish Big!

As we all know, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Instead, the Romans examined the goal that they had and divided it up into smaller, more manageable, steps that they could accomplish in order to achieve the larger goal. But, you may ask, how exactly did they do that? Well, we can’t speak for them but we have created a list of some ways you can start small in order to finish big and finally accomplish what you’ve been working so hard for.

Step #1: Think Big. Zoom out and look at things from a bird’s eye view. What is the overarching goal that you are working towards? Examine things like, is this goal aligned with your values? Does it move you closer to the life you want to live? Make sure whatever goal you set is actionable and there is some way to quantify your progress and success. Steer clear of objectives that are wishy-washy or vague.

Step #2: Break Down Your Goal Into Milestones. Milestones are the big chunks of work that need to be crossed off your list before you can hit your overall goal. We recommend breaking your goal down into 3-5 milestones, each one building off the last. They will each require a substantial amount of work but it is all necessary in pursuit of your larger goal.

Step #3: Break Down Your Milestones Into Projects. Each milestone requires a substantial amount of time and effort, and therefore needs to be broken down into projects. Each of these projects will likely require quite a bit of work which is why these too will be broken down further. However, having these smaller projects within each milestone will give you a tangible way of moving forward.

Step #4: Break Down Your Projects Into Tasks. Tasks are actionable steps that you can do in three hours or less. Something that can be blocked on your calendar and completed in a reasonable amount of time. These will be the actions you take on a day to day basis that will chip away at your overall long-term goal.

When we set out to accomplish a goal, part of what deters many people from conquering it is they don’t even know where to begin. By breaking your goal down into milestones and those milestones into projects and those projects into actionable tasks, you now know exactly where you need to begin! Now it is up to you to take some time to create your plan and start working toward your goal. Consider us your first cheerleader!