Short on Time? Cook with Friends!

You’ve got work, family, and a social life to balance (not to mention your own health and wellbeing). Calendars fill up quickly when you try to schedule family functions, dinner dates, and coffee meetups just to stay in touch. We get it, and we have a solution for you!

You don’t have to eat out to share a nice meal with loved ones. In fact, the experience is so much sweeter when you bring everyone together to craft a meal. It’s the old two birds, one stone method. You gotta eat (and so do they), and you want to stay connected…soooo, combine the two! Invite friends over for dinner, but make it clear – participation is required! Ask them to bring ingredients for their dish to pass rather than the finished product. Spend time preparing the meal together and get tons of fringe benefits:

  • Learn new tricks by watching someone else use that kitchen gadget you could never figure out. This gizmo perplexed us for years until a friend used it to make apple crisp at our annual Friendsgiving!
  • Stay comfy in your leggings and house slippers rather than those tight pants you have to unbutton after a big meal. Plus, if you spill or splatter while cooking, your closet is only a few steps away! 
  • Expand your palette by adding staple dishes from other households to your rotating menu. Tacos and grilled chicken are great, but variety is the spice of life! Mixing things up makes mealtime a fun event, rather than just another necessity. 
  • Show you care by making conscious food choices that support the diets of everyone in attendance. Gluten-free? Vegetarian? Kosher? No problem. Accommodating these needs is an easy way to learn more about how your friends live, making you more aware and considerate of diversity.

Here’s the best part – if they’re really your friends, they won’t care if your house is clean or dirty. So, no need to frantically vacuum before they show up. (They know you have pets and kids. You’re not fooling anyone into thinking your home is ALWAYS spotless.) Heck, they might even help with the dishes before they leave! 

Save time. Save money. Stress less. Cook with friends!