Who’s Listening? Our Words Impact Others…

If you don’t think your words carry weight, we’re here to tell you you’re wrong! 

The way you talk to, and about yourself, trickles over into many sections of your life. Those strings of thoughts and words (out loud and in your head) eventually impact those around you a great deal. And depending on whether the sentiment is positive or negative, you will start to see a similar chain reaction in your relationships. So, who’s really impacted?

  • Friends and Family – Without a doubt, those closest to you are most likely to experience the aftermath of your emotions. If a child constantly witnesses an influential adult reacting with anger and hurtful words, that behavior WILL be replicated. On the other hand, a spouse who observes their partner using reason, logic, and care in the face of difficult times, is more likely to fall in sync with that mood and emotion as well.
  • Coworkers – If you doubt your skills and abilities at work, others are more likely to assume that you are inexperienced or inadequate for certain tasks. When you submit a project for review, do so with confidence, rather than a caveat like, “I know this isn’t my best work, but…” It is perfectly acceptable to propose an idea or present an outcome with pride. Talk about your work in a way that inspires others to notice it, without being overly boastful or gloating. Try phrases like, “I’m really proud of this project because…” or, “I worked very hard on this, and I’m pleased to present you with some great results!” Your words will also impact how they feel about your work, both good or bad.
  • New Acquaintances – While the words from your internal dialogue may not leave your own head, they absolutely impact your behavior and physical presentation. Positive self-talk can put you in a better mood, resulting in better posture, more smiling, and other non-verbal cues to others that you are someone they’d enjoy conversing with. On the other hand, negative self-talk can result in a poor attitude and outlook on life, which may present itself in unwelcoming ways.

It all boils down to this: strive to be the type of person that YOU would want to be around! Talk to yourself and others with respect and kindness, remembering that some days this will be easier than others. Keep pushing. Keep your chin up. Keep making the world a better place by leading by positive example.  

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