Move Over Hot Dogs – We’re Putting Veggies on the Grill

For some reason when we think grill, we automatically think meat. But why? There’s enough room on those grates for veggies to play too! Whether vegetables are your entree or side dish, they absolutely deserve a shot with the grill master. Here are a few tips to successfully grill your greens (and purples, yellows, reds – you get the idea) on the grill:

  • Time it right. Just like meat, different vegetables will take different amounts of time to get to their desired temperature and tenderness. For instance, bell peppers and onions can take 8-10 minutes, while asparagus or green onion may only take 4-6 minutes. Do a little research and jot down the typical cook times for all your faves so you have a go-to guide each time you head to the grill. 
  • Wrap it up. Take advantage of one of the most ingenious inventions on Earth. Tinfoil. You can put just about any veggie of your choosing in a foil pouch with some grass-fed butter, salt, and pepper and have a delish dish in no time. Just roll up the edges of the foil, plop it over the fire or coals, and let that bad boy heat up while your other grillable items are in the works.
  • Choose something sturdy. Unless you’re using our last tin-foil trick, you’ll want to choose veggies that won’t be easily lost through the grates! Small bunches of broccoli or cauliflower, long stalks of asparagus or green beans (run perpendicular to the grates), or skewered Brussels sprouts should do the trick!

Still not convinced that grilling is the way to go? Let’s talk about the pros. There are no dishes (besides your trusty tongs), you get to stand outside in the sunshine while you cook, AND grilling can be a communal effort. If your assistant, the grill master isn’t much of a chef, no worries! Anyone can be taught to master the art of flipping the food in timed intervals. For great recipes on the grill and other fun lifestyle tips and tricks, be sure to follow @beMoxifit on Facebook and Instagram! Happy grilling!