Meal Prep for One


Can we just start by talking about how OK it is to eat alone? At home, at a restaurant, or on your lunch break at work – there’s something refreshingly mature about enjoying a meal solo. We’re not saying you should pick up the whole “You can’t sit here,” mean-girl vibe just to eat by yourself, but definitely embrace your moments of solitude! We digress…

The real purpose of this piece is to help you master the art of prepping meals – more specifically, meals for one. We’ve heard all the reasons for not eating healthy, and we get them 10-fold when folks feel like they’d be embarking on a weight-loss journey alone:

  • “Healthy food is too expensive.”
  • “My family won’t eat that, and I’m not going to make it JUST for me.”
  • “Most recipes make too much food, and I don’t like leftovers.”
  • “I don’t have time to cook.”
  • “I’m clumsy in the kitchen.”

You get the picture. The point is, these are all self-imposed excuses that can be overcome with the proper mindset, planning, and preparation. (Did you know a Moxift Coach can help you with ALL those things?) Let’s begin.

Step 1: Make a plan.

Do a tiny bit of research to find some recipes that fuel your body and sound appetizing to you. Build out the ingredients into a functioning grocery list so you’re sure to have everything you need when the time comes to cook. Work out the portions, downsizing the recipe if needed so you won’t end up with too much waste. If you can, look for recipes that utilize some of the same ingredients so you can double-dip and avoid a pile of half-used produce. 

Step 2: Shop for the plan.

Proper meal prep involves more than just food. Having the appropriate cookware and storage containers can be a lifesaver when cooking for one. There’s no need to end up with a sink full of dirty pots and pans if you can turn to one old-faithful time and again. Invest in a small set of quality cookware that can serve MANY purposes. As for food storage containers, invest in a set that is leak-resistant and proven to seal in freshness. This will make it easy to transport your healthy dishes for lunch-on-the-go, and ensure that partially used ingredients stay fresh in your fridge until you’re ready to include them in the next recipe. 

Step 3: Stick to the plan.

It can take just as much time (maybe more) to get in the car and roll through for “fast” food as it would to whip up a healthy alternative at home (if you’ve done your prep). Even if your stomach is roaring at you, resist the urge to favor convenience over your health. Plus, it’s a total waste of money when you end up throwing groceries away because they’ve gone mushy. Learn to use up what you have in the cupboards before jumping ship on your planned meals.

Whether you’re planning for one day or one week at a time, being prepared makes all the difference in your overall success. For more ideas like these, follow @beMoxifit on Facebook and Instagram, or connect with a Moxifit clinic and coach to start your journey!