Kitchen Gadget Must-Haves

Are you a whiz in the kitchen, or more of a tv-dinner aficionado? We’re here to tell you that regardless of your prior experience (or lack thereof) standing at the stovetop, ANYBODY can be a master chef in their own kitchen…as long as you have the right tools! Read on for some of our favorite kitchen gadgets that should find their way into your cabinets and drawers ASAP! 


We’re not entirely sure we could stay standing in the wee hours of the morning if it wasn’t for a jolt of caffeine to kick start the day. That’s why we adore The TUBE cold brew coffee maker and tea infuser kit. Prep your coffee the night before by adding coarse grounds and room temp water. Let it steep overnight and then when you wake up – BOOM – coffee’s done! Pour it over ice and enjoy! If you’re not a caffeine addict like we are, this gadget is also great for making flavor-infused water. Try it with cucumbers for a refreshing alternative!


Gummies are a fun way to mix your electrolyte and BCAA powders into a yummy snack. We adore these silicone molds from CAKETIME for doing just that! You can use them to make your own gummy bears, stars, shells, hearts, and more. Plus, if you have any littles in your household, these trays are awesome crayon molds for a simple science and art experiment!


The digital food scale from Etekcity is sleek and compact with loads of great settings and features. Use it to weigh your foods and liquids so you know exactly how much you’re getting. Keep this vegetable measurement guide handy so you can easily convert a veggie’s weight into cups for your healthy recipes!


Air fryers have been getting a lot of love lately, and we are here for it. If you’re new to the air frying game, we recommend the Big Boss glass air fryer. This gadget gives your food the deep-fried crispiness you crave without the unhealthy oils. Plus it comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen decor!


Leave it to Betty Crocker to craft the most amazing hand blender/beaker combo. This bad boy is made of stainless steel and super easy to clean. You can use this kitchen tool for everything from soups to sauces to smoothies!

We could go on for days sharing our favorite kitchen tools, but getting a few staple items is a great way to start your culinary journey. If you want more tips and tricks for the kitchen, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for ongoing inspo!