Healthy Campfire Meals

Please excuse us while we do a little happy dance. It’s nearly camping season, and we CANNOT WAIT to get out of the house and into the wilderness! Ok, fine. We’ll be getting into our RV, but with glamping still comes all of the delicious campfire meals we love.

Whether you plan on tenting it or breaking out the fifth wheel, you’ll want to be mentally and physically prepared to stick to your guns and avoid deviating from your healthy lifestyle while on vacay. It may be a challenge, but it is NOT impossible to say, “No, thanks!” when the hot dogs and s’mores sticks come out…especially if you’re prepared with everything you need to concoct some healthy alternatives!

First things first – be sure to pack the right equipment. Many stores carry compact cooking kits with the essentials, and we highly recommend a good pan, traveling grill, and maybe even a propane burner if you’re not so comfortable cooking over a large fire. If you’re feeling really fancy, toss in a hanging pot setup and some pie irons too! PS, don’t forget the basics like tin foil, paper towels, and a trash bag for any waste!

Okay, now for the fun stuff. THE FOOD! If you’re prepared, you can absolutely cook some healthy (and mighty delicious) foods while camping. Here’s a sample of what a full day could look like for a health-conscious adventurer like yourself:

  • Breakfast: Let’s start out with something simple. An egg-based dish will get you going with some protein to power through your day, and it’s super easy to stuff some veggies in here as well. Before you depart on your trip, break some eggs and stir them up with your favorite diced veggies. We like spinach and all the bell peppers! Split the mixture into large resealable freezer bags and store in your fridge or cooler. Pop the bags into a pot of boiling water over the fire and let them cook. Pull the bags out with tongs, let cool, and then dish up your scramble onto plates!
  • Lunch: Instead of hot dogs or burgers, try sliding some portabella mushrooms on your grate or grilling stick! Pair these toasty morsels with a crunchy broccoli salad to fuel up for the afternoon.
  • Dinner: Using a portable grill or a grate over the fire, heat up some chicken breast tenders. Season them on the spot, or let them marinate while you’re adventuring all day. Need an easy side? Try this faux potato salad with all the creamy goodness of the traditional dish! It’s super easy to prep in advance so there’s more time for fun while you’re on your trip!
  • Snack: When it’s time for dessert, treat yourself to a handful of Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips and some almonds. You can satisfy that sweet tooth and crunch on whole foods instead of processed crackers and those sugary, gelatin-based ‘mallows. 

And just like that, you’ve successfully stayed on a healthy path all day long! With a little prep and the right mindset, any outing can be managed without sacrificing your dietary desires. For more ideas and recipes like these, follow @beMoxifit on Facebook and Instagram!