Grow Your Goals

At the beginning of the year we published two blogs all about setting goals. First, we explained how to set SMART goals and why it is important to use these metrics to make whatever you are aiming to achieve well within reach. Then, we laid out five goal setting tools to help you be successful in the New Year. Well, believe it or not, we’re already six months into the year! So, how are your 2022 goals shaping up?

Did you know, nearly 80% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by February each and every year? Fear not if you’ve found yourself in the same boat, there is still plenty of time to turn things around! We need to begin with reevaluating our goals and deciding if they are still in fact relevant or if we need to make any changes to what we originally had planned. Then, to ensure they stick this time, we have explained how the GROW model will help you knock your goals out of the park!

The GROW model is an effective technique for goal setting that will enable you to establish a concrete plan to turn your dreams into reality. So, where to begin…

Establish Your Goal – You must begin by defining the end goal that you would like to achieve clearly and precisely. Once you’ve identified your goal, vividly imagine what it will be like to accomplish it. Try your best to put those emotions into words and write down everything you will feel and experience as specifically as you can – this will be important in keeping you motivated along the way.

Explore Your Reality – The purpose here is to identify the gaps between your current reality and the goal you have set. It may force you to challenge your limiting beliefs and create personal accountability for your actions. This step will also help you identify any existing resources that can be used to help you achieve your goals.

Consider Your Options – By this we mean you have to consider your options in the face of adversity. You must think creatively about the possible challenges, problems and setbacks you may experience in pursuit of your goals. Whether this be other people’s feedback, an upcoming event on your social calendar, or your tendency toward wavering commitment, identify these obstacles upfront to know how you plan to overcome them.

Pave the Way Forward – This final step requires you to draw up a plan of action and develop a realistic time frame that will enable you to achieve your goal with purpose. What actions will you take? How will you divide your large goal into smaller, more manageable, steps? How will you reward yourself? When obstacles arise, how do you plan to overcome them? All of these questions will determine whether or not you’re ready to begin working toward achieving your goal.

In reality, there are a million different ways and methods you can use to achieve your goal. At the end of the day it is truly up to you whether or not you want it badly enough. One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable is to share your goals with your Moxifit Coach and allow them to help you accomplish them. Your Coach is equipped with tools and resources to help you change your habits and mindset and eventually turn those dreams into reality!