Gift-Giving that Won’t Break the Bank

Every year the holidays roll around, and every year we’re swept up in the craze of creating the BEST wish-list to ensure the right packages find their way under our trees. Santa and our loved ones bring us our most desired items in the prettiest wrapping…and then the world keeps turning. Let’s face it friends, receiving gifts is cool, but giving is where it’s at! 

So, what does giving mean to you? Most of us think first about tangible things to bring smiles to faces on Christmas morning. New clothes, a video game, or a shiny new gadget outta do the trick, right? Maybe – but new clothes get worn and torn, and games and gadgets lose their appeal as their newness fades. So what’s the solution? We’re getting there…

What if this year, we acted differently? What if this year, we ALL made an effort to give in new ways. What if you did some soul searching and identified some of your true gifts? Then, put those talents to use in the form of practical, homemade, or personalized presents that would last in the hearts of your family and friends for years to come. Not only would you be taking time to acknowledge your own self-worth and uniqueness, but you’d be sharing that gift with others in a proactive way! It’s a win-win!

Ok, so what does this practice look like in real life? Let’s run through a few examples to get your wheels turning:

  • Share knowledge. You know things that others don’t, and the things you think are obvious, could blow the minds of those less experienced in your areas of interest. YOU ARE AN EXPERT AT SOMETHING. What is it? Answer that question, and then find the best way to share what you know with others who would find it useful. Do you have a stockpile of gluten-free recipes in your kitchen thanks to years of living with a gluten intolerance or allergy? Why not combine them into a digital cookbook for your family and friends?
  • Share conversation. There are a lot of lonely people in the world today. Maybe your gift is that you can talk to anyone about anything! Pick up the phone. Call a friend you haven’t seen in ages, or a family member from across the country. Heck, contact a local senior-living facility and ask if there are any members alone for the holidays. Offer to stop by if it’s allowed, or schedule a phone or video call and ask to learn about their unique life story.
  • Share history. We’re all aging, and with each passing generation, we lose a little bit of our history. Document it! Or, ask your loved ones to document their lives so that their stories can live on for decades. Let them know that THIS is a gift YOU would truly appreciate!
  • Share your craft. Are you a skilled woodworker or seamstress? Odds are you have some bits and bobs from your favorite hobby lying about your home. Create one-of-a-kind treasures that speak directly to the hearts of your loved ones. Someone who truly treasures you will be in awe of your attention to detail and the thoughtfulness behind your gift. 

Whatever you choose to give this holiday season, measure its’ worth not by the price tag, but by the wideness of the smile or the brightness of the eyes of the receiver. Use your own gifts and talents to add a new layer of meaning to the holidays this year.