Get Control of Your Schedule

How many of us feel like our time really isn’t even ours anymore? You might feel like between kids, your spouse, work, friends, family, and everything in between there isn’t much time left to spend on things important to you. Well, fear not! We have put together four easy steps that will help you regain control of your schedule and fill it with things that excite you and bring value to your life.

STEP #1: Take Inventory
The first step in taking back control of your schedule is to take inventory of how your time is being spent right now. How much is spent at work (in the office and out of it), traveling, at appointments, taking care of family, at the gym, doing a hobby, etc.? Make a list and include categories for each and every part of your schedule (even sleeping and eating) and write out how much time you are currently devoting to each.

STEP #2: Identify Areas You Would Like to Change
Now that you’ve created your list, it’s time to identify areas that you think need to change. Maybe you want to limit the amount of time you’re working outside of regular business hours. Maybe you want to decrease the time you spend washing dishes every night. Or perhaps you want to eliminate your hour-long commute. Whatever it is that you’d like to change, write it down.

STEP #3: How Would You Rather Spend Your Time?
You’ve made a list of things that you want to eliminate from your schedule, now it’s time to decide how you would rather spend your time. Do you want to set aside time to eat dinner with your family a few days a week? Do you want to budget in some time for some self-care each week? Or maybe instead of changing the task completely, you simply want to change how you do the task. Perhaps instead of eating your lunch at your desk every day, you take it outside and sit on a bench. Or maybe you take your weekly catch-up meeting with your team while you’re walking outside the office. Explore every option and make sure you are spending as much of your time how you’d like as possible!

STEP #4: Make the Changes!
 Arguably the hardest step. Many of us feel guilty when standing up for ourselves or making decisions to benefit our own lives. But we don’t need to! We only have one life to live and we should do everything in our power to make it as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

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