Flips For Fall Favorites

Freshly fallen leaves, crisp nights, and autumn colors. Sigh. We love fall, and one of our favorite bits about this time of year is all the delicious recipes that warm us up from the inside out! 

Keep this guide handy for a list of fantastic fall options that won’t bust your beltline!

  • If you love pumpkin spice lattes, try our dirty pumpkin latte! It has the caffeine boost you crave without the extra carbs and calories.

  • If you love pumpkin pie, try our mini pumpkin pie! It checks all the right boxes to nail the fall flavor you desire.

  • If you love chili, try our turkey chili! High protein and lots of veggies will leave you feeling satisfied with a full belly.

  • If you love cinnamon, try our cinnamon apple oatmeal muffins! Just the right amount of flavor to sweeten up your day.

  • If you love dips for snacking, then try our broccoli veggie dip! Pair it with celery, bell peppers, or a bag of Moxifit chips or crisps for the ultimate snacking experience.

Eating healthy options doesn’t have to mean a lack of flavor or a rumbling belly. Work with a Moxifit Coach to get all the tips and tricks for living your best life today!