Face Your Fears, Achieve Your Goals

Everyone experiences fear, no matter how brave they claim to be. Having fear doesn’t make you any less bold. Rather, it’s a response your brain has learned in an attempt to protect yourself. Once you acknowledge and accept your fears, you have the power to retrain your brain. Here’s how:

  1. Identify your fears. What makes you anxious? What keeps you up at night? For instance, have you ever held onto larger-sized clothing because your weight loss goals seemed daunting? You know, “Just in case.” (Us, too.) 
  2. Get out of your own way. Being fearful of failure causes self-doubt, making you unable to give 100%. If you prepare for the worst, you’re preparing for failure.
  3. Lose the FOMO. When making lifestyle changes, it’s not uncommon to experience a fear of missing out (or FOMO). Will your new lifestyle limit you and your relationships? Gosh, we hope not! Instead of thinking about the worst that could happen, picture the best possible outcomes. For example, you don’t have to dodge lunch out with your bestie just because you’re eating healthier. In fact, what if you go AND she decides to have what you’re having, rather than their usual, unhealthy alternative? You just influenced a positive change in the life of someone you love! Rock on!

When you give in to your fears, you give them all of your power.  If you’re scared of being excluded and choose to avoid group outings, you’ve committed yourself to a lonely night in. That certainly doesn’t sound like a win…It’s the same with weight loss. If you’re afraid you won’t keep the weight off and decide to not even try, you’ll stay just the way you are and STILL be unhappy. You must learn to face your fears, overcome them, and talk openly about them with others so they can help you through the struggles. Feeling anxious and vulnerable along the way is a telltale sign that you are experiencing growth! So, expand your comfort zone! Let those who support you know what you’re afraid of and why – then work through it. It won’t always be easy, and you’re bravery in facing your fears may intimidate some. But just think, for every person who judges you, there are 10x more you have inspired. They’re there; they may not be as vocal, but they are there. 

Redirect the energy fueling your fears toward something powerful: courage. Have the courage to let the world know that you are human, and you are fearful, too. Have the courage to inspire others. Release your fears, and let them propel you forward.

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