Donate Items that Make a Positive Impact

Whether you’re a fan of the holidays or not, we can probably all agree that the world could use a little more joy and kindness.  And guess what? It doesn’t have to cost you a thing! Do you have a whole slew of clothing that no longer fits since you lost all that weight? Get it out of your house and into the hands of someone who needs it! Some people wait for spring to do an overhaul of their closets and garages, but we DARE YOU to do it NOW! Just think, as you are clearing out space in your home for a fresh start in the new year, you could be providing someone in need with the exact item they’ve been hoping for. In fact, you can make the world a brighter place just by being thoughtful in the donations you choose to make. Here are a few questions to consider when making donations:

  • Where should I donate? It’s important to note that not all donation centers are charities. Take the time to research your local options and decide on an organization that is a good fit for you. It may be tempting to take your clothing to a resale shop or simply toss out old technology. But perhaps there is a local shelter seeking warm clothing for a current visitor who happens to wear your size, or maybe there is a group collecting old cell phones that can be repurposed for veterans. Whatever the case, make sure that you find a match that will leave you seeing a direct impact and feeling a tug on those heartstrings.
  • What should I donate? As you go through your unwanted items, be thoughtful about what could provide value to someone else. Make separate piles for donations to charities, hand-me-downs for family and friends, items you’d like to sell at a fair price, and things to recycle or discard. Many organizations offer advice about what can and can’t be donated, and it’s best to do your research in advance so that your donated items don’t end up in a landfill if they’re taken to a facility that will not use them.
  • When should I donate? Be sure to check with your local organizations for their hours of operation. Leaving items out in the elements may cause them to get damaged before they are brought inside by the next available worker. Some organizations do offer dropboxes for certain items throughout the community. Definitely take advantage of these services, but again, try to avoid leaving items where they can be impacted by weather. If a container is full, come back at a time when there is space to properly insert your items.

As you tour your home in search of items to donate, make stops in each room, including the kitchen and bathroom. Personal hygiene items and non-perishable foods are an excellent addition to your donation list (as long as they are not expired), and bonus points if you’re able to donate foods packed with nutrients rather than empty calories. Healthy holidays to you and yours, and best wishes for a new year that will start with a clean slate!