Desk-Drawer Goodies That Won’t Bust Your Beltline

Here’s the scenario. It’s 3 PM and you skipped lunch. You’re at your desk feverishly working through a project that’s due by 5, and you’re SO HUNGRY. 

Ah-ha! A lightbulb goes off and you remember you stashed some snackaroos in your bottom desk drawer for situations just like this! Sad news though – they’re all realllllly crappy for you. Dang, now you’re in a real pickle. 

What if instead of setting yourself up to make a poor snack choice, you loaded your workspace with some easy, and still very tasty, choices? Yeah, we think that sounds like a good idea too! Here are a few items we suggest keeping on hand to satisfy those workday hunger pains and cravings.

  • Real foods – Instead of potato chips and candy bars that will leave you feeling all sorts of yucky, opt for a nut mix with macadamias, pecans, or almonds. If you want to jazz it up, toss in some unsweetened coconut and a few Lily’s semi-sweet chocolate baking chips. If you have access to a refrigerator, even better! Stock it with sliced cucumbers, cottage cheese, olives, or celery and almond butter.
  • Condiments – We suggest keeping your own reserve of condiments handy. This way, if all of the healthy choices at your workplace cafeteria seem a bit bland, they can always be spruced up to your liking. Stock some no-sugar-added Heinz Ketchup, yellow mustard, Bragg Liquid Aminos, and Frank’s Hot Sauce or Tabasco.   
  • Sweeteners – Maybe what you’re really looking for is an afternoon coffee to push you through a slump. Instead of loading up your cup ‘o joe with sugar-laden creamers, find a sweetener that you love and keep it in your drawer. Popular options include Truvia, Stevia, Splenda, and monk fruit!

Set yourself up for success by having these healthier options available to you at work and at home. For more ideas like these, follow @beMoxifit on Facebook and Instagram, or connect with a Moxifit clinic and coach to start your journey!