Control and Fasting

Have you ever felt out of control? Like you had no choice in the matter, so you HAD to react or behave a certain way. Newsflash, people!  YOU DO HAVE CONTROL. You control the hand that lifts the fork to your lips. You have the choice to say, “No thank you!” when someone offers you a sweet (but not so good for your health) snack. As a matter of fact, you are the only person who can make those decisions.

Your health, energy-levels, and even your weight are important enough to take back control and make the tough choices. You CAN turn down moments of temptation. You CAN plan to protect your health by eating before or after an event. You CAN choose NOT to drink alcohol even if someone else is asking you to. Yes, YOU CAN! 

Ok, so you’ve mastered the art of what to eat…You know what a proper portion size is, and you are totally comfortable turning down unhealthy snacks and beverages. But there’s another element of healthy living that’s often overlooked. Have you mastered eating at the optimal TIMES for your body? For optimal health, it’s crucial that you allow your body periods of rest from digestion. One effective way to do so is through intermittent fasting. There are tons of benefits to fasting including:

  • Increased levels of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which benefits fat loss and muscle gain
  • Drops in insulin levels, making stored body fat more accessible
  • Cellular repair, removing old proteins that build up in cells over time
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased levels of the brain hormone BDNF which may aid in the growth of new nerve cells

There’s no doubt about it, fasting is a challenge, but it can be totally worth it. Not only does fasting benefit your physical health, but it helps make you mentally strong. So, push yourself out of old habits and take back control of your mind, body, and soul!