Build Workouts Into Your Daily Routine

Finding time to workout is challenging. Between grocery shopping, your career, family activities, housework, and social engagements, a solid block of time devoted JUST to your physical health can be tricky to find. Whether you’re a stretched-thin mom, overwhelmed business owner, or a tired college student, there ARE ways to incorporate fitness into your busy life…and we’re going to show you how!

First, let’s talk about how much exercise you SHOULD be getting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to your age, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend using the following as a guideline:

So, for an average adult between the ages of 18-64 years old, 150 minutes of moderately intense activity is a great goal. It’s important to note that these minutes can be broken up into whatever increments work for you! Little spurts of exercise can all add up to big results. Combine this with some form of strength training at least twice per week, and you’re golden!

The best way to get started is to take a good, hard look at your current lifestyle. What does an average day look like for you? Think about your daily routine, including how you get from one location to the next, how long each activity takes, and where each thing takes place. Once you’ve identified what you’re currently doing, including all of the items on your massive to-do list, start thinking about how you could do each one just a little differently. Let’s look at this sample daily routine and spot the opportunities for movement and conditioning.

    • Rise and shine – When your alarm goes off, GET UP. Create a daily morning ritual for yourself that sets you up for a successful day. (If you haven’t read The Miracle Morning, we strongly recommend it!) Start simple by swinging your legs to the side of the bed and flexing and pointing your toes before your feet touch the ground. Then, stand tall, roll your shoulders back, and stretch out your neck to wake up your body. As you take a shower or gather your things for the day around the house, continue to stretch and move your limbs.
    • Go to work – If you have the option to ride a bike, walk, or even rollerblade into work, DO IT! If not, have no fear. You can work on some strengthening exercises while seated in your car or while taking public transportation. Gluteal squeezes are a perfect way to tone your buns while you sit, and nobody around you will even know what you’re up to! 
    • Get $h*t done – Do you sit at a desk all day? Why not stand? Try marching in place, doing calf raises, or even standing abdominal crunches. If you’re watching a webinar, turn your video off and knock out a few rounds of squats or wall-sits while you tune in.
    • Take a break – Whether it’s for lunch or a little breather throughout the day to get away from your screen, go for a brisk walk. If it’s a nice day, go outside and get some fresh air. If not, you can still do some laps around the hallways of your office. To get the most out of it, try picking up the pace rather than taking a leisurely stroll. Pump those arms, friend!
    • Run errands – When you get to the store, resist the urge to snag the closest parking spot to the entrance. Park a bit further away, and get some extra steps while you walk in. 
  • Feed the fam – If cooking dinner for your household is on the agenda, turn on some jams and bust a move while that water is boiling! Create a playlist of songs you can’t help but move to and have them on as background noise to encourage a few extra hip shakes and shimmies while you work those culinary skills.
  • Prep for tomorrow – As you help the kids wrap up their homework, pack lunches, and toss in the laundry, be conscious of the little extras you can throw in before the day is done. Try some arm extensions or overhead presses with that laundry basket or maybe some high-knees before you step into those cozy jammies!

If you can work it into your schedule, an exercise class or chunk of time carved out for the gym can work wonders for your mental health, physical wellbeing, and social life. But remember, every little bit helps, and the only exercise you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t do!