5 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

In a season of coughs, sneezes, and overall YUCK, we’ve got a little secret to help you stay healthy! It’s not a miracle drug or a way to acquire superhuman powers (as fun as that might be). Nope. It’s actually SUPER simple. Are you ready? Here it comes…EAT BETTER FOOD!

While we’re all about eating a great variety of whole foods, we’re going to share a small list of options that can pump up your immune system if included regularly in your diet. Then, we’re going to go one step further, and give you a kick-butt recipe to jumpstart your exploration of these foods! Get your chef hats and aprons, and let’s dive in…


One of the most well-known categories of immune-boosting foods is citrus fruits. This includes oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and many others in between. The great thing about these citrus fruits is their high level of vitamin C, which is thought to help your body fight off infections. Your body can’t provide the vitamin C you need without a little help, so it’s important to include it in your daily diet. One easy way is to substitute traditional, fatty salad dressings for lemon or lime juice, which is DELISH on top of our refreshing cucumber-dill salad!


If citrus fruit is not your thing, have no fear! Red bell peppers pack just as big of a vitamin C punch (if not more) than most citrus. They’re also rich in beta-carotene, which is great for your eyes and skin! Make bell peppers the MVP of your meal by placing them front and center with this stuffed pepper recipe!


If you’re looking for a veggie that checks A LOT of healthy boxes, our vote goes to broccoli. With tons of antioxidants, bioactive compounds, and fiber, this cruciferous vegetable definitely deserves a spot on your plate. Plus, broccoli florets look an awful lot like cute little trees, and we’re all for some dramatic play at the dinner table! Try this healthy cauliflower broccoli casserole to fit the bill.


We’re not talking about red-heads, folks. The ginger root, albeit kind of funky to look at, deserves some major props for its health-profile. One frequent use of ginger is to alleviate nausea, but it can do a whole lot more! Ginger is also known to reduce inflammation and even aid with some chronic pain. Give it a whirl in this ginger beef and vegetable dish!


Let’s not forget about our protein! Poultry has lots of vitamin B-6, which is crucial for forming new red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells carry oxygen from our lungs to other parts of our bodies, making them pretty dang important! There are plenty of poultry dishes to choose from, but we really love this take on chicken souvlaki. We hope you’ll love it too!

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