Become a Moxifit Provider

As a Moxifit provider, you’ll offer innovative, effective products and programs backed by Moxifit’s coaching staff, business development tools, coaching resource library, ongoing training programs and strong profit opportunities.

The Moxifit program is designed to help your clients lose weight not through dieting, but by changing habits in order to live a healthy lifestyle for long-term success. The Moxifit Provider program is designed for the long-term success of your business as well, with better margins, quarterly volume rebates, and lower shipping costs. Moxifit has coaching tools designed for you to personalize each coaching session for  your client needs – a true advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

The Moxifit Advantage

Better Pricing and Value

Stay ahead of inflation with better margins, quarterly rebates and lower shipping costs.

Unbeatable Customer Service

When you are part of the Moxifit Team, we are committed to working together to help you grow your business.

Effective, Innovative Programs

Moxifit programs are intuitive and fun, designed to help people lose weight, keep it off, and strengthen the client/coach relationship.

Marketing/Media support

Moxifit has developed a huge selection of marketing materials to help you get the word out.

Continuing Education and Training

As a Moxifit clinic you will have access to our extensive library of teaching materials designed for coaches.

All the Resource Tools You’ll Ever Need

Everything is prepared for you: client handouts, training materials for coaches, recipes and much more.

Personalized Client Approach

Moxifit offers a wide range of plans designed to meet every individual’s dietary, lifestyle, and wellness needs.

Healthier, Delicious Products

Moxifit Body Fuel products feature superior formulations and cleaner ingredients. Our products are designed to help Moxifitters create healthy meal options shifting their focus away from snack foods, making long-term success a reality.

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